Railway Lands – lines out of St Pancras

railway lines out of St Pancras, PO Tower just visible in the distance

Michaelmas daisies near railway lines out of St Pancras

freight train out of St Pancras

smooth sow thistle


Railway Lands – lines out of Euston

Along railway lines and nearby industrial areas are great places to see weeds: great mullein, michaelmas daisies, ribwort plantain, bramble, chickweed, autumn hawkbit.

there’s obviously been some weed eradication going on near these railway lines out of Euston but I can see horseweed

I can see horseweed and buddleja

Tree of Heaven – large specimen overlooking the railway lines out of Euston near Hampstead Rd.

along here there’s a very small gallant soldier

close-up of the gallant soldier

train out of Euston

train out of Euston

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